Finding the Perfect House for Families

30 April 2019

When you are looking for a house for your family, your priorities center around the needs of your children and safety of your family. If you are with your family you would not bother about the eateries and pubs around, but nearby schools, recreation facilities, community full of families, etc. will be on the top of your list. Your needs become exceedingly different when compared with your previous requirements. Finding a house for a family is not that easy and will come with a lot of adjustments and compromises. It can be tricky, so you need to balance out a lot of things like location, surroundings, proximity to schools and office, etc. Here we’ll have a look at how to prioritize your needs while looking for a house for your family.

While finalizing the house you should analyze the location through several perspectives. You need to have a fair idea about the location you want, and how accessible it is from the basic facilities like hospitals, markets, etc. The first thing you need to check is the proximity to good schools. You would not want your kids to travel large distances just to reach their schools, some schools will not even admit children that live more than 2 kms away. The second factor to consider would be the proximity to your office location. You can try the NoBroker Life Score Calculator to aid in this decision. Also, you would not want to go for any locality that has frequent power cuts, water shortage, pollution, crowded lanes, or little greenery. So, before finalizing on a house, do a thorough research about locations that meet these requirements.

Since you are moving with your family and probably have kids around, you want to ensure the safety and security of your family. To ensure safe surroundings for your children you need to inquire into the type of neighborhood you will have. A neighborhood with more families around is always safer. You should also look at the surroundings, whether it’s safe to walk there at any time of the day or not. Look for familiar surroundings with kids playing around and have a chat with the families residing nearby to have a fair idea about the society and location.

Kids surely need certain facilities close to home like schools, gardens, playground and recreational centers. For kids more than a huge house, better facilities are a priority. Having a playground when staying with family is as important as having a supermarket nearby. It’s always better to choose a small house with better facilities than having a huge house with compromised facilities. Having kids come with great amount of responsibility and we need to understand everything from their perspective as well. Having basic amenities close to the house will not only keep your family happy, it will also reduce the amount of driving around you’ll have to do for them.

When we talk about space, it’s not about the size of the house. It’s about the spacious areas in house for children to play around and enough storage spaces for all the family needs. With kids around it becomes difficult to manage the house when the storage spaces are limited. So even if the house is small in size, make sure that there is proper furnishing in the kitchen as well as enough wardrobes to accommodate the belongings. Having a big garden and backyard is important, but it’s the storage space that is going to affect your everyday lives. Believe us, you’ll need as much storage as you can get with the kids around.

Finding a perfect house is an important as well as difficult task if we’re keeping the needs of everyone in our family in mind. There are various things that you need to compromise on, like choosing between the size of the house and locality, however, it’s the various other factors that can help you decide on priority. At NoBroker, we’ve every type of property to suite our customer’s requirements. Look no further, sign up on NoBroker to find a perfect home for your family.