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Rental Services for a Dream Home. Without the Frustration.

Frustrated hunting for properties?

Flat-hunting can be a frustrating affair. You have to visit property after property, which is disappointing and time-consuming, not to mention incredibly tedious. And sometimes, you can wonder whether there's even one good flat available.

At Aleta, we understand the exasperation. And we're here to get rid of it.

We're here to help you

That’s why we have a wide network of brokers and a substantial number of rental flats in any area for showing. And all this comes along with a rental assist plan under which you can find the perfect one for your needs, with the help of our customer relationship executive.

What Role Does the Customer Relationship Executive Play?

You can think of him as a personal assistant for all your rental needs. A person who saves you time and effort.

There are Other Reasons to Choose Aleta, Too

The customer relationship executive isn’t the only way Aleta assists you in renting the flat you want. You’ll also be provided with detailed move-in and move-out 'Inspection Reports,' once you’ve selected a place.

1. With these reports, you will have proof of the exact condition of the apartment when you’re moving in, as well as when you choose to move out.

2. This comparison of wear and tear will safeguard your precious security deposit for greater peace of mind.

Service Fees and Other Questions

Aleta has a unique variable service charge that you are not going to find anywhere else. Basically, you’ll be charged according to the time you take to confirm a rental agreement.

There is the standard fee of 30 days rent, on which you get a discount, according to the table below:

Time to finalise house Fees
Less than 2 days 50%
Within a week 25%
Within 10 days 10%

Given our range of properties as well as our expert assistance, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to save and use the money to do up your new living space instead.

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